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Asahi Pentax SP1000 ( Honeywell SP1000 in the USA) is a small-format single - lens reflex camera , manufactured from Japan in 1973 to 1976 in black and silver. This model replaces the Pentax SP500 and completely repeats the Pentax Spotmatic , with the exception of the self-timer. The production of this camera was aimed at the low-budget segment of the market. Asahi Optical's policy did not allow a decline in product quality. To reduce the cost of cameras, their functionality was cut.

The PENTAX SP1000 replaced the SP500 as the budget model. It was basically the original Spotmatic (which had been introduced 9 years earlier) but without a self timer. It thus didn't have recent advances such as the open aperture metering found in the Spotmatic F and ES series.

This model was not sold in Japan

Name Asahi Pentax SP1000
Manufacturer Asahi
Made in Japan
Production Date  
Type 35mm focal-plane shutter SLR camera
Series SP Series
Picture Size 24 x 36 mm
Normal Lens Asahi Takumar 2/55
Lens Mount M42 mount
Focus Manual Focus
Shutter B, 1-1/1000
Dimensions & Weight 143 x 92 x 88 mm, 610 g
Production Period 1973 - 1976
No Produced  
Original Price